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OPEN - CLOSE 20:00 – 03:00

Saturday Glow in The Dark Party

Step into a world of sultry intrigue and vibrant sensuality at VA2's Glow in the dark party where the night comes alive under the pulsating glow of UV neon lights. This event is for those who dare to explore their deepest desires in a space where inhibitions melt away and fantasies take flight.

From the moment you enter, you'll be enveloped in an atmosphere of seductive allure, where every corner holds the promise of tantalizing encounters and unforgettable moments.

Our event features a dynamic fusion of electrifying music and intimate play space.  Whether you're dancing the night away on our pulsating dance floor or exploring the hidden depths of our seductive playrooms, our glow in the dark party guarantees an evening of unparalleled excitement and intrigue.

  • UV Neon Dance Floor: Lose yourself in the rhythm of the night as you dance under the hypnotic glow of UV neon lights. DJ Courtney will spin an eclectic mix of sensual beats, creating an atmosphere charged with erotic energy and desire.
  • Playrooms: Venture into our sexy playrooms, where fantasies come to life and inhibitions are left at the door. Explore your desires in a safe and consensual environment, surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your passion for adventure.
  • Neon Dress Code: Embrace your inner seductress or seducer with our neon-themed dress code. Think daring lingerie, provocative clubwear, and anything that glows under UV light. Let your imagination run wild and unleash your most irresistible self as you step into a world of neon seduction.

Why not book a room and stay onsite in the hotel? If we are fully booked, we also offer a discreet shuttle taxi service to the local hotels to make the evening be as hassle free and as relaxing as possible.
Although we give you a wonderful venue to enjoy, it’s the fabulous members that make it the best place to party in.

The bar is open from 8pm until 2.30am and the club closes at 3.00am.


Dress Code

LADIES - Sexy club wear, ravishing lingerie if you feel good, you'll look good. Dare to bare Confidence is beauty. check out the neon dress code advice above .

GENTS - You're also on the pull!, Smart Casual,

(Strictly no gym wear or Trainers or ripped jeans )


COUPLES     £ 45.00
FEMALES     £ 15.00


Inclusivity and Safety: At VA2  consent, and safety are paramount. We enforce strict guidelines to ensure that all guests feel respected, comfortable, and empowered to express themselves authentically. Our dedicated staff are trained to handle any concerns or issues that may arise, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the night with peace of mind.