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Etiquette & Dresscode

We want everyone to come along and feel valued, respected, welcome and safe. To achieve this we have some
club rules that are common sense but worth pointing out.

a. CONSENT IS SEXY. As in any other situation, consent is everything. Do not
assume you can touch without invite or agreement with the parties involved.
No mean no at any point in time, not maybe or later or only if you can get
away with it. Please accept you are not everyone’s cup of tea and a polite
refusal has to be accepted with good grace and polite manners.

b. MANNERS COST NOTHING. Should a situation arise that common decency
and manners are ignored and a situation becomes uncomfortable due to
someone’s words or behaviour, please notify staff immediately. Verbal or
physical abuse is not tolerated ever and will result in removal from the
premises and membership being withdrawn without recompense.

c. ASSUMPTION MAKES AN ASS OF YOU. Do not assume just because someone
attends the venue they are “up for it” Many people attend for many reasons
and have many different preferences which may not match yours. Get
chatting and see how things go, you will soon know if you are on the same
wave length

d. RESPECT. Everyone deserves this as a right, you, us and everyone else as well
as the venue. Should anyone be disrespectful please make the staff aware
immediately. Wilful damage or circumvention of the rule that are
unbecoming to a happy place to be and a good night our will not be
accepted. Respect other people’s choices and personal rules and orientation
even if they are not for you, variety is the spice of life.

Mobile phones or any type of recording devices are not permitted in the club.
We value your privacy and it’s always top of our priorities, therefore any recording
of visual or voice content is not permitted under any circumstances by members or their guests.
Not only that but this is a venue to chat and socialise and get to know people,
texting or surfing the net kills conversation.
Should you need to have a phone for emergency contact or checking on the kids etc,
you are welcome to come to reception and use it.


Please remember you are out to impress, if you turn up in trackies or trainers
or look dishevelled you will be refused entry, Guys a nice shirt and trousers or
smart jeans with a shirt and some nice shoes are perfectly acceptable and
don’t forget people may see your boxers, so why not treat yourself to some
sexy underwear, if you arrive looking like you have just come from the gym or
a building site, it will be a no from us as well as other members, in the
summer feel free to wear smart shorts but not cut offs or training shorts.

There is nothing more alluring than the smell of fresh skin and nice
aftershave. Make sure your personal hygiene is as good as you look, if your
wearing your best CK’s but stink of BO, guess where you will get…nowhere.
We have showers and lockers at the club so freshen up and be ready for
some fun should it arise.

Now is the opportunity to get the man in your life investing in some nice
lingerie for you…any excuse girls. Most of the ladies that come along will
arrive in a sexy club type dress and many will bring a change of outfit or some
nice lingerie to change into as the evening progresses. Feel free to bring as
many outfits as you want and really be the peacock.

No-one wants to feel like a performing seal, so we insist that when you enter
any play space you DRESS LESS, lingerie, underwear, towels robes or as naked
as mother nature intended are all fine with us. Please remember to bring a
towel with you for the hot tub. We do have condoms available onsite but
recommend you bring along your preferred brand.

f. The venue is fully licensed you are NOT permitted to bring your own
refreshments into the club no matter what. Random bag and locker checks
will be carried out without notice, if you are caught with anything you will be
asked to leave it in your vehicle or in reception for collection on your way
out, refusal or consumption inside the club will result in a corkage fee and
being rejected from the premises.

g. We operate a zero drug policy, at all times and reserve the right to inform the
police of your details should anything be discovered or reasonable
assumption made of contravention.

h. Single Gentlemen. Spaces on any event that welcomes you to the club are limited in number
so as to not have an event over run by Guys, this is to maintain a balance that is fair and
enjoyable for all.

Should you book a slot for an event and not show up, your ability to pay on the door will be
removed and you will in future be required to prepay for events, as taking a limited space and
not showing up denies a space to someone else.

i. If someone or a situation leaves you feeling uncomfortable or upset, please
come to the bar and speak to the staff, if the situation is delicate and you
need to speak to someone in private, please ask for a Vanilla Cocktail. The
staff are all trained to handle delicate situations and a process is in place to
get you to a safe space to talk and for any issues to be dealt with discretely.
The team are here to ensure you can relax and enjoy your night out knowing
you are in the safest pace to be.